English is a tool for communication.

People all over the world have learned English for a long time.
There are two billion learning English all over the world.

English is a convenient and useful tool for communication 
with people and a language for solving problems.

                                  (Jay walker's talk on English mania)

Recently, some Japanese companies especially, 
Rakuten and Uniqlo use English as official language.

◆Rakuten to make English official language

◆Uniqlo to use English as official language

Both decided to use English as official language because
their goals are to expand overseas positively and to be 
No.1 company all over the world.

Some people disagree with their decisions because they think
to use Japanese is more productive and convenient for jobs among Japanese workers than to use English. Also, Skills for
jobs are more important than English abilities.

Without speaking English, Japanese can live comfortably and it is
difficult for them to have a desire and an importance for learning
English. Many Japanese are not good at speaking English or can't
speak it.

But, I think Japanese need to learn English more to communicate
with foreigners and use it for getting new chances for businesses.

Even though you can speak English, you don't know whether
you can get jobs. But if you can't speak English, you may lose
a lot of chances and opportunities.

Some Japanese are afraid of making mistakes for speaking English,
But "everybody makes mistakes". To have a fun is important.

I think English is a "mere " tool for communicatinon.